Friday, June 26, 2009

Looking At The Sky On Friday



This was taken during our high school reunion in paradise island while we were going home from the beach party. While our car was on ferry boat, I took some pictures for a minute so I would have files to keep for my meme. It was a successful reunion though it was an informal gatherings because not all were informed. Happy weekend everyone. To view more pictures, just click the badge above.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Canadian Chat

One thing I enjoy about having my laptop is apart from surfing the net, I can also chat to many people around the world. There's a number of websites where you can chat but I find the Canadian Chat as one of the best. Canada is a very large country with lots of open spaces for immigrants. I found out when I chatted to the canadian people. They are glad to chat to people like us as asians. This website has so much more to offer such as free web cam, send/receive IM'S and much more. So if you want to meet good people, just visit their website and enjoy chatting.

dNeero:Endurance Athletes

Thankful Thursday

I woke up this morning happy and refresh because I had a good sleep last night. The weather was pleasantly cooler because it was raining and I love the cool breeze last night and this morning as well. It’s almost weekend I had done my assignments in blog and I am happy that I was given another assignments to do it again for my blog. I am so thankful for giving me this opportunity to earn money on blog. I owe this to my friend Norm from canada who introduced me to blog.

I am so thankful also that my mom was already discharged from the hospital. She is now recuperating in the house. I am so thankful for her doctors and nurses who had given services with just minimal professional fee. I know God will bless them abundantly for their dedicated profession to their patients and to my mom. Thank you so much for healing my mom and above all to God. Happy thursday everyone.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lds Chat

Chat is the safe way for people to make an introduction to meet. People are shy to say in real life so chatting over the internet is more secure. Some of my friends find their lifetime partner through chat. So why not try Lds Chat and instantly, you will become a member.

What's good in this website is that, they offer a free chat. You could gain friends and who knows you could meet your lifetime partner. I myself enjoyed online chat. I like learning, meeting people and seeing where it may lead to. So I encourage everyone to join their website and learn each other's culture and races.

Asian Chat

Online chat is the easiest way of communicating people around the world. You can choose whatever preferences you like to chat such as Asian Chat. They offer free chat, just simply sign up and register online. I myself joined their website as I am looking for a lifetime partner online. Just search friends online and instantly, you will meet friends around asian countries.

You can share your life experiences, intentions, likes, dislikes and a lot more. You can also share pictures, web cams, send/received IM'S and you can also view other member's profile. So why not try meeting asians online and happy hunting.

Canadian Chat

In today's generation, internet is the fastest way in communicating with people and friends. Luckily, we are now spoiled with the perks of living in the age of modern technology. Distance is really not a problem anymore, you could meet Canadian Chat online. You just register for free and in just minutes you will become a member. You could search people who are online and make friends with them.

You could also see them while chatting and it makes easier to deal with the fact that they are several miles away. Then came voice chat and the computer to computer calling which really slashed a huge amount of money off the phone bills. So why don't you try canadian chat online as some marriage is a product of online dating.

Catholic Chat

Anywhere you are in the world, you can chat online whatever preferences you like. I'm glad there is this Catholic Chat website that I could join with. They are free, just sign up and in just seconds you will become a member. You can search a lot of members who are online and make friends with them. You can also share web cams, photos and chat online as well.

For the past two years that I have been chatting, I would say that I enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life and they are very friendly and approachable. So I am inviting everyone to register their website and happy chatting.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lesbians Chat

Nowadays internet is the most convenient way of communicating with people around the world. You can meet a lot of people from all walks of life from different races, different religion and culture, divorced people, had kids people, married people, single people, bisexual and Lesbians Chat. You can choose whatever preferences you want to chat with by simply signing up and instantly you will gain friends online. Whatever your orientation is, you could meet with the same orientation you want as well. You will be connected with friends and make new ones, share web cams and photos.

So if you are alone for so long or for a short period of time, why not try online chatting? You could also convince your friends to join their website and try everything whatever makes you happy. Just sign up on their website and I hope you could find your true partner who will be waiting for you this time and not next year or more.

Bisexual Chat

Communicating these days is so easy by means of internet. This is the fastest way of meeting and chatting with different people in any parts of the world. Through chatting, you can gain lots of friends and enjoy learning from each other races and cultures. Chatting online is not limited to men or women alone. You can also meet Bisexual Chat. I once signed in a chatroom and chatted with a bisexual person. He seemed nice to talk with, had a good sense of humor and sensible person. We talked a lot of things in life and he shared to me his thoughts about some events happening in his life and his country.

It was a great conversation and informal talk though we had limited time to chat because he is also busy in his work. I can say chatting with these bisexual people who have different preferences and orientation in life is worth a try. Not for any malicious reasons but they are also human being who have the rights and privileges of respect.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Holidays To Spain


Planning out of town vacation is the most exciting moment in our lives. We've always dream of going on holiday and to travel around the world. Now that it's summer, it's about time to treat yourself and your loved ones for a vacation. Holidays to Spain is the most celebrated as a haven for relaxation, fine living and international glamour whether short or long vacation. You could visit their city landmarks and breathtaking views like historical places. There are several places to visit such as churches, museums, beaches, parks and shopping mall districts. You can also buy local handicrafts where you can find lots of goodies to bring home for friends and relatives. If you crave the nightlife, you can go to pub street and you can also visit cafes and restaurants along the road of the city. The added bonus, there are a lot of superb golden beaches, one of the world's finest shorelines.

The only thing that you need to bring when you visit landmark places in spain is money, comfortable pair of shoes and an open mind. You'll live a different person. I'm sure you will enjoy a superb dining, lavish entertainment, exciting destinations in europe particularly in spain. Just visit their website, they will guide you to the vacation of your dreams.