Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rainy Thursday

Last night we had heavy rain until dawn and morning today. The rain still pouring this morning. I was so lazy waking up as I thought was still early, when I check my table clock it was already 7:40 in the morning. I force myself to get up for shower I would be late for work already. I just had chocolate drink and whole wheat bread for my breakfast. I thought what to wear for today, a jacket with a black pants and a wedge sandals for my feet protection from flood. Thankfully, the pedicab was passing by our street cause he was dropping a passenger so I was able to ride right away. I like it when it rain as the weather was cooler although there were some parts of the street that were underwater but the jeepney that I was riding was able to pass-by going to office. I arrived very late to office but we had a cooler day good thing my boss didn't report today.