Sunday, May 29, 2011

Affordable And Fun Rx Sunglasses For Summer

I wear prescription glasses and sunglasses for long vision in the past years for a clear vision and ultimate protection. Glasses were always seen as necessity to see but now, they have become a fashion accessory and as such, many brands attract premium pricing. I discovered Zenni Optical, they offered affordable and fun rx sunglasses for summer who market only their own brand of glasses and sunglasses direct to the consumer with no add-ons from middle men or advertising costs – they rely on satisfied customers to spread the good word about them to others. I found a great selection of fashionable and high quality glasses, the latter being important as glasses are an important health and safety item for wearers as well as being a fashion accessory.

The web site is great as you can upload a picture of your face, then select frames and see how they suit your face. Once the selection is made, you can simply click on order, upload your prescription and then add to cart. Also required is your pupillary distance measurement. If you want to order sun glasses or eye glasses, just visit Zenni Optical’s website. The price is going directly to the manufacturer rather than having to pay extra money for a middleman. I would highly recommend their products to anyone.

Strolling At Abreeza Mall

My friend from Canada requested me to send the money for the tuition fee of her son to her trusted friend in her son's school. I requested one of our friends from out of town to get the money from me. We agreed to meet at Abreeza mall in national bookstore so that I could easily see him when I get there. I didn't wait for long as he arrives a few minutes of waiting. I gave the cash and cash gift for him to be happy being the courier of the money. Then I proceeded to the entire mall together with my sister for a walk and sight-seeing as my sister has not yet seen the newly opened mall. We check every retail stores that are open. It's nice to know that there are available retail stores that we haven't had before. At least we're not behind of high end fashion as we have this now. The mall is 4 storey and very wide mall. This is the biggest mall that we had so far in Davao City. We had pictures as I brought camera to post it here. After strolling around, we went to Robinson's Grocery store to refresh ourselves as we're thirsty and hungry. We bought yogurt with blueberry and red cherry as our toppings. We're not contented with our food, we bought buko salad too. Then we went home, we drop first at lots for less store to buy some rice and I bought colorful clamp clip for my hair and went home. I had fun strolling at the mall though I didn't buy anything as I was there to give the money and not for shopping.