Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gifts For All Occasions

If you are looking for a new gift to give a young child why not try the mint nap mat. They are well padded and is also lined with nylon and cotton with a ribbon trimmed soft fleecy blanket. It's so easy to handle and can be carried around with you like if your going to visit a friend late at night. If the child is feeling tired, you can go to them to sleep on it. It's easy to clean like with most children they're sure to make a mess.


If you are planning to go away and might have lots of washing why not try the mint draw string laundry bag you can have your own design on it like a colorful border design.


Another great gift you might like to buy for yourself or to a friend is a mint bath towel wrap some of them have such wonderful colors you can even personalize your name on it. That would be a great idea for birthday, anniversary and wedding as a present. It comes with an elegant design, various colors to suit your style and preference. If you are looking for a fabulous gifts that's affordable and easy for your pocket, I would highly recommend their website.

Camera Critters

Camera Critters


I took this pictures of lovebirds at the street of Ilustre while I was shopping for grocery. I was fascinated with the different colors of lovebirds such as green, yellow and white. I took a shot for my entry this saturday. Happy weekend everyone. To view more pictures of camera critters, just click the badge above.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Joy Of Gift Giving



I once was invited on an occasion and during that time, I had a hard time looking for some gifts that were unique and worthy as a remembrance. I came across this website which is posylane dot com and search about some valuable gifts. I found this towel wrap, this is ideal for birthday, wedding or anniversary presents. There is laundry bag for a proper placement of your laundry. And the nap mat for outdoor activities such as picnic or camping. They are very appealing as personal gifts and souvenirs on any occasion.


The website offers good ideas on what to give on any occasion. They offer variety of gifts that are very usable that you can really personalized the use of every item. The prices are affordable and easy for the budget. You would never regret buying their products because they are of quality kind and budget friendly. Check out more details on the online site for more product offers.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today's Flowers


I took this blue rose flower in one of the flower arrangements displayed in a flower shop. I was fascinated with the unique color of this beautiful blue rose. So this is my entry today. Happy monday everyone, it's the start of the work week again. To view more pictures of flowers around the world, just click the badge above.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Leaflet Printing


It's very important if you have a company that you can access a good Leaflet Printing website. You never know when you might want to use them. All their work is guaranteed to the best quality color printing. They have twenty four hour or five day turnaround Leaflet Printing. They have the best prices around they also do Flyer Printers. Again at the highest quality printing.

Apart from the leaflets, they will bring out soon a large format and billboards with A0 A1 and A2 posters. They have different sizes of leaflets, flyers, folded leaflets stationary and a lot more. It's good to be able to have this website around. It's worth it because it's everything you need for your company. What's best in them is that they offer free delivery if you are in London area. So if you want to let people know about your company, where there is quality, value, and first class service, I would highly recommend their website.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

dNerro:Endurance Athletes

Camera Crittters

Camera Critters


It was sunny morning while waiting for the bus to arrive for work, I saw a cow that was tied by a man somewhere in a grassy part of my village where I live. I asked permission and he said yes, so I took a picture for my future post in camera critters. Though his cow is not that healthy but I don't have cow post yet.",) Happy weekend everyone. To view more pictures of camera critters around the world, just click the badge above.

Home Loan Modification

As there is a worldwide recession everyone around the world are affected wether you own your business or you are buying your own house. People all over the world are losing their jobs or having their hours cut due to economic crisis. Businesses are losing so everyone's income is much smaller so much harder to pay for loans or mortgages back. In as much that we would want to pay for our monthly mortgage but sometimes our income is not enough to support our needs.

However you don't have to worry as you can have a Home Loan Modification. They can help you how to make your loan affordable payments on home loans or businesses. It's good news knowing that there is a trusted company that can help you stop foreclosure proceeding if you have delinquent home mortgage payments. We must all take care that we don't lose our home or business because this is just the only investment that we have. So if you think you are hard up to pay for your home mortgage, just visit their website at

Thankful Thursday

I thank God that its almost weekend and had a great day at work because I am not busy. I had a nice nap this afternoon so I was refresh and happy. I thank God for giving me another assignment in blog and I am so thankful for giving me this opportunity to earn money in blog everyday.

I am also thankful that my mom's loan was approved so she could pay her obligation on time. I am so grateful to God for providing us what we need everyday. And thank God for giving us good health always.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Web Directories

When you have business, it is important to have a website for your own business to have it publish on the internet. This is one way of introducing your business online. Since internet is the most accessible when browsing the website, it is necessary to have it publish in order to get notice throughout the world because it is listed in the list of directories.

In order to have it publish, you have to introduce and submit your website to a free SEO friendly web directory. There are several SEO friendly web directories to choose from on the internet. It's good news knowing that these web directories are free just like this Jasmine Directory. They are one of the most trusted directories on the internet. There is another one which is Max Directory. It's awesome because you have an ample web directories to submit and they are offering it for free. There are other two web directories online such as DOMZ and Yahoo Directory. So I am inviting all the website owners to grab this opportunity for free and submit on SEO friendly web directories and get notice throughout the world.

Before submitting your website to web directories, it is necessary to read thoroughly their rules and regulations and follow the instructions needed in order for your website to get approved. It's so easy just submit your URL, website's name, descriptions, address and contact number. They are the most reliable and interesting free web directories online and you can get the benefit using their search engine optimization services. These web directories contains an informative and interesting lists of websites.

By using web directories, your online inquiries and many other searches can be found in different categories can be seen depending on your choices or descriptions web directories offer many opportunities. This is one of the best deals in doing the online inquiries.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

dNeero: SpitzTunes

Watery Wednesday


This was taken when I was at Bali-Bali Beach Resort located in Samal Island with my friends. We were there during daytime enjoying our splash at this infinity pool. This pool which fronting the pavilion is the main attraction and its stretches its beautiful view up to the ocean. We arrived there at 8 a.m. and went home at around 5 p.m. We had fun swimming the ocean, taking pictures, enjoying the breeze of the ocean and munching a sumptuous meal. Happy weekdays everyone. To view more watery wednesday around the world, just click the badge above.

Debt Management

Nowadays a lot of people are experiencing unemployment because of the downturn of our economy. A lot of companies are continuing to lay off more workers that's why we have to love our work that we have because not all have jobs nowadays. If you are lucky enough to have a job, you have to stay put and love your job that you are with. However, even if we have job still it's not enough for our daily needs and we experienced debt. In as much that we would like to pay our monthly obligation but sometimes there are emergencies that would come our way such as if you are being hospitalized. This could drain our resources because we don't have plans for the future like the importance of savings.

We need to have a practical tips on how to start eliminating our debts by living within our means and making a budget and stick to it. We should jot down how much money we have and how much money we can afford to spend. And set aside savings for every payday for at least 10% of our salary and debt payments a priority. No matter how long it takes, we need to pay off our loans one at a time until they are all zeroed out. We need to tighten our belts, save and prioritize our expenses according to necessity. And start a sideline by blogging, selling anything to help you earn some extra money and widen your entrepreneurial experience.