Saturday, April 6, 2013

Christening Of My Godson

Going back to work again. I was tired doing household chores for the weekend, ironing clothes, mopping the floor, cleaning my room and shopping for a gift to my godson. I was attending a christening of Kieth Rainier Elises whose mom was a friend of mine yesterday at Redemptorist Church. I was one of the godmothers, we had fun witnessing his baptism, taking pictures and socializing with people around. The food was nice at Mang Manok Restaurant located at Tionko Avenue, Davao City. I like the ambiance, so cool and refreshing place. Anyway, happy weekdays to all my friends. God bless us always.


romney said...

a great time had buy all a wonderful family who beleave in bring there children closer to god god bless you all a good blog written by tulip well done

romney said...

A great time had by all, a wonderful family who believe in bringing their children closer to God. God bless you all. A good blog written by tulip. Well done.